ART: Makers Base – Tokyo & Sapporo’s Artistic Workshop Heaven

Looking for something creative to do in Tokyo?


As they themselves say; “It fulfils the dream of making things”.

So, I recently came across the Makers Base website whilst looking for some artistic events etc. in Tokyo. It seems they host a wide variety of workshops in a fully equipped warehouse location, for creating personal art or projects in various mediums in the two areas of Tokyo & Sapporo.

The Makers Base literally offer any type of creative workshop you can imagine, for fun or educational purposes, allowing the individual to gain essential skills in areas such as metal welding, clutch bag design, all the way to making your own earrings. These skills can be used for personal use or to help the individual gain an insight to factors they may need to know for growing or developing a business.

You can join and become a member allowing you to get cheaper rates on all workshops on offer, or you can pay a slightly higher rate if your up for just trying one session at random. Fees seem to start from 2000 YEN up and are scheduled throughout the whole year.

Due to the website being translated from Japanese, I can’t seem to work out if there is actually an age limit in general for becoming a member or if your simply singing up to one of the workshops at random (it may be the case for certain workshops due to using dangerous or hot equipment), so if you are interested it may always be worth the check first, at the minimum age requirement.

Also, you may want to check what language the workshops are being conducted in. However, if your interested in the experience as a one off (say, if you were on a holiday), I’m sure you could still go along and be provided with support from the tutor or perhaps go with a friend who can speak Japanese that can help you too! Remember – Nothing should hold your artistic mind back.

All of the contact information is provided on the site and they also have other Social Media sites for you to follow and see whats been happening so you can stay up-to-date that way.

I haven’t yet tried any of the workshops myself, but I definitely feel this would be an amazing opportunity to experience if you are a creative in Tokyo (or Sapporo). Perhaps I’ll be giving something a go soon and I’ll most definitely be posting a review if I do!

Flower x

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BLOG: Have you checked out Flower’s 花 external sites?

Think your website isn’t drawing enough attention? Consider these small things…

As an Illustrator & Artistic Director myself, a note for all is that it can be worth your while spreading your content across a range of Social Media sites, not just keeping it in one place! This is not only to get the best and maximum coverage for your designs, projects etc. But, to present your work to consumers in different ways – formatting, sizing, images, text or no text…

Some folks (designers or consumers) have really no interest in platforms such as Pinterest or Tumblr for example. However, you can use your tools and brand to change that perspective and way of thinking. For instance, instead of trying to sell all your work on a Facebook community, just because your comfortable with presenting your work that way and making posts on that platform, why not consider writing a blog post about it on WordPress, making an Etsy to get direct sales, having a Gallery on Instagram and Tumblr for which you provide links to all, where and when you can, obviously having a main hub to feature it all professionally (such as your personal website).

I know, it can feel like a lot of work, but not only will you reach a wider audience – as mentioned (as some people really couldn’t care less for what posts appear on their Facebook feeds or what is lurking on their Instagram “discover” page) but it will also allow you to make good use of presenting what your doing, in the best way possible. I must admit, something like Pinterest isn’t exactly the greatest at showing off a pretty gallery, but it’s awesome for marketing, promotion and for people who are looking for ideas! This way you can post your content up and provide links to the necessary places to draw people back in to the source (such as your website)!

Anywho, the reason for this post is just for that – to show and list all of my Social Media platforms for you to check out under; Lauryn花Cheney. There you can see where I present my work, and the different views and effects it gives.

Happy Viewing!







Lauryn花Cheney Gallery


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ART: Updated Gallery – Lauryn花Cheney “Tales of Japan” Project – July Kokeshi Girl Print

Come and visit my illustrative space – Flower.

“Tales of Japan” – Black & White Top July Kokeshi Girl Print
“Tales of Japan” – July Kokeshi Girl Print

ART: Updated Gallery – Lauryn花Cheney “Tales of Japan” Project – March Kokeshi Girl Print

Come and visit my illustrative space – Flower.


“Tales of Japan” – Black & White Top March Kokeshi Girl
“Tales of Japan” – March Kokeshi Girl

BEAUTY: Body wash & Shampoo/Conditioner – Natural products in Japan

Having a look at natural products in Japan. What are the options?

BEAUTY – Body wash & Shampoo/Conditioner – Natural products in Japan.

Since all the products I had brought with me to Japan had come to an end, I decided to begin searching for Japanese products to buy, that were totally organic and natural in ingredients or contained a high amount of both. It seems organic products in Japan are not really distributed and sold at the local drug stores, and if they are they are limited with options. Your best bet is to take a trip to your local, Tokyu Hands, Loft, and Cosme stores to buy such products.

Due to not being able to read Japanese ingredient labels, I did some online researches and came across the brand name PAX, which is under the Taiyo Yushi Corp. cosmetic company line. The company focuses on using edible oils and fats as their main ingredients, and without using synthetic additives in the mix.

I decided to purchase the Pax Olie series first, for the body wash and shampoo/conditioner. It was the choice between this and the Natron range (The Natron range is actually a few hundred Yen cheaper per product). However, so far, so good!

PAX Olie – Body Wash –

The Pax Olie series is good use for sensitive skin types but also serves good moisture overall with no noticeable skin drying issues once dried off.

The body wash comes in foam form as you squeeze it out the dispenser and it is easily distributed across the body with only two pumps needed per shower session. Im am sharing this product with my partner and the bottle we are currently using has lasted us 2 months so far. Although I am super happy with this body wash product, I think I will try the Natron range next, just to see what its like!

PAX Olie – Shampoo –

The Pax Olie shampoo like the body wash, shares a similar smell (light, herby and soapy) and the same foam texture. For a first wash/lather I use about three pumps. Taking in to account that my hair is just up to my shoulders, and is straight medium thickness hair. I think if you had super thick hair you would need to use a lot more. I also feel the shampoo does not strip your hair of oils it actually adds an oil coating to it. So, for thin – medium hair it may not be the best shampoo to use if you want to wear your hair down. But on the plus side, it is good if you wish to style your hair up after washing (maybe in a top knot or something) you don’t need to use much holding/styling products after wards. I like the shampoo for the natural ingredients, price and quality, but for my type of hair it lacks the ability to make it silky and light, it actually adds weight to it. I think it is better suited towards thick hair!

PAX Olie – Conditioner –

The Pax Olie Conditioner, actually came as a surprise to me with its texture & consistency. Its more of a liquid like substance. A little goes a long way and its like adding a watery rinse to your hair for added oil as a treatment rather than for softness and cleansing uses. I think the conditioning value is a lot different to what my hair actually needs and again is best for thicker hair types that need extra coating and oil for their hair. I like the smell of this product, however and overall, I think I’d use this product as an extra adding for moisture when shampooing rather than using it as a conditioner for finishing.

All products from Loft store ranged from about 1000 YEN to 1500 YEN each. Price wise it is very good for the product size and quality.

I enjoy using all of these products, the body wash is just right for my skin – it is nourishing and I like how it feels during and after bathing. However I feel the shampoo and conditioner range isn’t totally for my hair type.

Im interested in trying more of the Pax range and feel I can trust this brand overall. You can buy refill packs when purchasing your next batch which actually come in cheaper in cost instead of having to buy a whole new bottle each time!

Hope this helps you on your search to finding natural ingredient based products in Japan.

Flower x

Link to Taiyo Yushi Corp. web page

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ART: Updated Gallery – Check out my Lauryn花Cheney Collection page.

Come and visit my illustrative space – Flower.

MUSIC: Introducing – Phoenix + The Flower Girl


Since I’ve not yet introduced Phoenix Troy on this particular social platform, here it goes…



Phoenix’s voice will home you in with his sultry tones and his eclectic electronic style music.

With this project, I am the contribution of artistically directing and producing still and assisting on moving image. Feel free to check out some of the pieces and collaborations for Phoenix Troy on my Lauryn花Cheney Collection page.

Flower x