ART: The Top 10 Art Documentaries To Watch – According To Netflix

Wondering what art documentaries to watch? Here are 10!


Recently a friend of mine had posted the link to the ‘Hyperallergic’ website on her Facebook feed. I’m sad to say I didn’t actually know of this site before she did.

Hyperallergic casts itself as a forum that hosts and presents current arts and cultures of today’s world. They send out a newsletter to it’s 78k subscribers documenting the latest exhibitions, works, and art related news. Definitely a creative space to follow as they keep you up-to-date with happenings absolutely everywhere! Simply type in the search bar a city you are or plan to be in and something is bound to come up, such as a new installation to visit or workshop to sign up to.

The post I am sharing is actually from 2013, but gives you a list of great art related documentaries to watch! I myself have only seen 1 off the list, that being; 2008’s “Beautiful Losers”. I was in college at the time and was taken to a Q&A/screening with my Design teacher. The inspiration that literally filled my blood from this documentary, helped me to kind of understand why I do/did the things I do/did and the way I go/went around doing it. Sounds rather strange but I kind-of really understood myself after watching it. I felt like at that time I found the word to describe myself (which I think every teenager tries to claim one at some point), and it was as simple as “Creative” thats what I was… “A Creative”. I knew after watching that documentary what I was meant to do. I mean, I had been doing it… I was studying creative subjects, I was visiting exhibitions, I was spending my time creating and making etc… But, it was then, when I knew why I did it, as I could finally see others like me going through the same thing and having the same thoughts on life. It’s a moving masterpiece. It’s simple but effective and I think it’s worth the watch just to see how those who have done it before you, contributed to art in their own way. You get to see their own “grind”, their own making and can totally feed from it!

Anyway, I’ll be watching these documentaries and will definitely be updating you on my thoughts of each!

Happy watching! The Top 10 Art Documentaries To Watch

Flower x

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