BEAUTY: How Japanese Keep Warm When Out

Taking a look at the convenient heat patch in Japan – The “Kairo”


BEAUTY – How Japanese keep warm when out – Taking a look at the “Kairo”.

In Japan, temperatures are… let’s just compare it to England… Same seasons at the same time of year but more extreme!

However, it has been noted by my Japanese pals (especially Tokyoites), that the weather during Winter months is/has been becoming increasingly warmer. I myself, have felt that Tokyo 2015 December was definitely a few degrees up from 2014. Due to the fact that I was able to wear an open cocoon coat for the whole month without freezing to death!

Anyway, it seems that the Japanese will come up with any possible invention for necessity and convinience as some of you may or may not know! And for the winter months it’s the trust worthy KAIRO!!!

It’s not really a beauty product as such, but more of an item that you will purchase for just about any part of your body to keep warm (although you find them in beauty and drug stores). Its basically a heat patch and some are designed for injury and muscle aches also! And ladies… trust me it works wonders for those once a month back/stomach pains!

Okay, so the deal is – you can buy ones with adhesives or simply ones that you would hold (just like the ones in the photos!). These patches can be bought in a variety of sizes and also length of time that they stay warm. Most commonly you would purchase a pack of KAIRO at your local drug store, but can also be picked up at a Combini (convenience store) and a Supa (super market). As most of them come, you open the individual pack and the moment it is opened and given body contact (some you need to shake to activate – or bend) it develops heat pretty rapidly. Also as you can see in the photos of this post, this particular hand warmer lasts for 12 hours! And, I might add, yes it does! Just to note – When you don’t hold it or wear it after opening, the heat will begin to decline, but will pick back up once you give that body contact again.

They can come in singular packs or as much as 20 (as what I have seen). There are also a few brands available at great prices! something like 600 YEN for 10 large KAIRO in Tokyo. Possibly even cheaper in other areas or more independent stores. The only problem for these are, I really have no idea of how easy they are to dispose of! They are definitely not recyclable 😦 but, I suppose you can save them for a really cold day or for a serious ache when needed.

Beauty usage, I often see a lot of girls who will plan to go out for an evening and dress up (with little clothes on in Winter), put the foot KAIRO on in their heels, one on their tummy and back and carry one for their hands! I’ve not yet tried it but I’m pretty sure it keeps you warmer than without!

Im sure you can also get packs of these online to be sent to England (or worldwide) by Typing in “Japanese Kairo Heat Patches”. They may come in at a steeper price than usual as would in Japan, but shouldn’t really be too costly at all.

I also found this great article for more about the history of the KAIRO in Japan, have a read in you are interested.

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