BEAUTY: Shirasu Volcanic Ash Face Scrub

Having a look at natural oriented products in Japan. Needing an exfoliator?


BEAUTY – Shirasu Volcanic Ash Face Scrub – Exfoliators & What To Get!

Recently I’ve been using this volcanic ash face scrub as an exfoliator. I found it when browsing in Loft store for a face scrub that contained good natural ingredients and that I felt wouldn’t be too drying once exfoliating. The ingredients claim to include Aloe Vera Extract, Brown Sugar, Royal Jelly & other Natural Plant Minerals.

I usually only use facial exfoliators like, 1-2 times a week or, if I went out for a night and have worn a significant amount of makeup that I wish to remove. But, as soon at the hotter months began in Japan, it was a must have to remove that extra oil build up that had been occurring on my face from all that humid weather sweating!

I totally like the idea of using volcanic products on my body, not only does it sound good/exciting but, its proven that the minerals that occur in the volcanic ashes are great for your skin and perfectly suited for exfoliating products and skin brightening.

This particular product comes in a small pot, with a very strange constancy, I think the best description I can offer is like, a plasticine feel (or just like that pink putty stuff they use at the dentist when making teeth moulds) that contains minuscule granules that you can ever so slightly feel as you move it across you face. I use a little fingertip size amount, that I spread across my fingers then apply to my wet face whilst showering. I move in circular movements mainly on my t-zone for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. After rinsing thoroughly I can definitely feel the squeaky clean difference.

Although exfoliants for the face are great to get those pores or black heads gone, it is important to not use them more than twice a week as they can actually remove too many naturally occurring oils that are there for skin protection. So be careful!

I’m really not sure if you can get this product in store in any other country or not, as I’ve never seen it, but I think I’ve found some links from which you can order it from –

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

I cannot remember the price of this product but I know it was no more than 2000 YEN and prices my be different depending on where you purchase it, such as in a drug or department store in Japan or online.

I totally recommend this product for anyone to try, as I feel it always removes any blackheads 100% that I may get around my nose especially after wearing makeup. Also if you are after a simple, extremely long lasting exfoliator (to use 1-2 times a week) with natural/plant based ingredients and looking to explore different product consistency/texture options, as well as explore international exfoliator products that you wouldn’t normally get in your home town, I’d say start here!

Rating: **** 4/5 stars

Cons: The consistency and texture can be a bit difficult to spread evenly until lather begins. (This product can also be used with a synthetic net buffer – very popular for exfoliating products in Japan, however I feel these nets are too abrasive for my skin so I opted to use my good old finger-tips).

Flower x

Link to the Shirasu web page

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2 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Shirasu Volcanic Ash Face Scrub”

    1. Its a great product, doesn’t really have a smell but I enjoy using something that actually feels like it works, not just full of random ingredients that I then have to spend ages washing off! I hope you get to find it, as I’ve not yet seen it out of Japan. Let me know how you get on! x


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