ART: Makers Base – Tokyo & Sapporo’s Artistic Workshop Heaven

Looking for something creative to do in Tokyo?

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As they themselves say; “It fulfils the dream of making things”.

So, I recently came across the Makers Base website whilst looking for some artistic events etc. in Tokyo. It seems they host a wide variety of workshops in a fully equipped warehouse location, for creating personal art or projects in various mediums in the two areas of Tokyo & Sapporo.

The Makers Base literally offer any type of creative workshop you can imagine, for fun or educational purposes, allowing the individual to gain essential skills in areas such as metal welding, clutch bag design, all the way to making your own earrings. These skills can be used for personal use or to help the individual gain an insight to factors they may need to know for growing or developing a business.

You can join and become a member allowing you to get cheaper rates on all workshops on offer, or you can pay a slightly higher rate if your up for just trying one session at random. Fees seem to start from 2000 YEN up and are scheduled throughout the whole year.

Due to the website being translated from Japanese, I can’t seem to work out if there is actually an age limit in general for becoming a member or if your simply singing up to one of the workshops at random (it may be the case for certain workshops due to using dangerous or hot equipment), so if you are interested it may always be worth the check first, at the minimum age requirement.

Also, you may want to check what language the workshops are being conducted in. However, if your interested in the experience as a one off (say, if you were on a holiday), I’m sure you could still go along and be provided with support from the tutor or perhaps go with a friend who can speak Japanese that can help you too! Remember – Nothing should hold your artistic mind back.

All of the contact information is provided on the site and they also have other Social Media sites for you to follow and see whats been happening so you can stay up-to-date that way.

I haven’t yet tried any of the workshops myself, but I definitely feel this would be an amazing opportunity to experience if you are a creative in Tokyo (or Sapporo). Perhaps I’ll be giving something a go soon and I’ll most definitely be posting a review if I do!

Flower x

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