BEAUTY: BxE The Brand – Salves/Balms, Shampoos, Conditioners & Other Products

Having a look at natural oriented products in Japan. Hair & lip care.


BEAUTY – BxE the brand – Salves/balms, shampoos, conditioners & other products.

Again, as you all know I’m a sucker for products that contain if not all natural ingredients, then at least some!

This brand BxE, I came across once again whilst doing some Loft store browsing. I’m actually not sure how to pronounce/say this brands name (often I find in Japan its the complete opposite of what an English native speaker would expect it to be).

Basically BxE are owner to a great range of products & brands that again focus on using botanicals, natural ingredients and organics with plant based factors. I first discovered BxE when looking for a natural based Shampoo & Conditioner after using the PAX Olie (which I’ve previously reviewed), and that’s when I came across rinRen.

rinRen – Rose & Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner:

rinRen – Rose & Tsubaki Shampoo –

I actually purchased this particular product for the Tsubaki contents. I had read that Tusbaki is used in a lot of Japanese hair products as it has the ability to create great strength and shine! I could say I noticed it, but it may have just been down to the shampoo in general (I guess I’d have to try some other Tusbaki based products to get a better judgement). Anyway, the scent was herbal (more rosemary and lavender type than “perfumey” rose scents). The shampoo came in a clear form & I used 2 pumps for one rinse (repeated twice) it soaped up quite a bit and took some rinsing to clear it all out. I actually preferred this shampoo to the PAX range as it was better suited for my hair type (medium thickness) and didn’t leave an oily residue.

rinRen – Rose & Tsubaki Conditioner –

This conditioner had the same smell to it as the shampoo, obviously with the consistency difference of a typical conditioner. I really didn’t need a lot of the conditioner for my hair and kept it on mainly my ends for say; 3 minutes tops! Again, this conditioner was better suited for my hair type and left it feeling ultra soft! The conditioner washed out pretty easily and didn’t seem to leave any residue which is great!

I was really impressed with this product for hair, as a “natural” product. I cannot remember the exact price I paid for this duo pack (as seen in the photos) but it was on an offer no more than 3000 YEN + tax. To be honest, when looking for natural based products in Japan, it takes time, research etc. when wanting to find something that you genuinely like and are impressed with and within the “natural” category. I think a way around it, could be to ask a friend to go shopping with you and translate what is written in Japanese. Anyway, 3000 YEN comes in at around 15 GPB, however the bottles for both the shampoo & conditioner are quite big. You’d definitely use up 2 bottles of shampoo to 1 bottle of conditioner, so it’s not too bad when you think about it!

This also came with a free sample of face & body oil containing some kind of herbal extract. I used it mainly on my body after showering, but due to the size and not using longer than 2 weeks or so, I can’t really compare it to any other oil I’ve used. However, it was a nice sample to be given. The smell was great too!

Botanischol – Moisture Lip Treatment –

I am actually a huge fan of Burts Bees, but that particular brand isn’t easy to come across in Japan so it was time to find an alternative for a salve type lip therapy. I came across the Botanischol range on a wing when trying to find a suitable balm that was more of a therapy than a chapstick, gloss etc. I bought it before much research. Upon looking online, I could see that this range is mainly aimed at/for “mature women”, however I’d consider using this range simply because of the essential oils that are incorporated. Im sure there isn’t something that I shouldn’t be using just because I’m a little younger – therefore I’ll enjoy it too!

It’s texture is non-sticky, smooth and non-glossy. It is more of an oil balm but again isn’t too oily on the lips (such as a petroleum like Vaseline). The smell is herbal for obvious reasons but not too overpowering!

The cost came in at exactly 1000 YEN + tax (in Loft) which is maybe a little costly for the size as its only 13g. But reasonable for Japan, and for essentially paying for “Natural”. I’d recommend this product for anyone looking for a salve type lip therapy that is also bound to last a long time!

BxE will definitely be my go-to natural brand when needing hair care, moisturisers etc in Japan! You probably won’t find this brand at a local drug store or a Donqui so best to check out Loft, Tokyo Hands, Cosme Kitchen & Biople (by Cosme).


rinRen – Rose & Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner, both **** 4/5 stars

Botanischol – Moisture Lip Treatment, *** 3/5 stars

Cons: All products were great, exceeded expectations – however didn’t leave me with that “to die for” feeling. The Moisture Lip Treatment has a herbal taste and smell, that lingers on your drinking bottles or glass, so a little annoying in that respect.

Hope this helps once again for recommendations on natural based products in Japan!

Flower x

Link to the BxE web page

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