ART: Wakako Kawakami – Japan’s Giant Textile Bird’s

Flowers Artist’s To Watch – Wakako Kawakami

wakako kawakami parakeet installations design in osaka japan

Unfortunately, very late with this one…

However, I came across a post by Hi Fructose about an Osaka, Japan based artist named Wakako Kawakami – Post-Graduate from Musashino Art University. I knew nothing of this artist until seeing online a recent street installation she had done featuring giant textile parakeets located in places such as the Park Hotel Tokyo.

An interesting and innovative character it seems – the reason why I chose to share her designs and artworks with you. Something draws me to her, perhaps because she is unafraid of size/dimensions and due to my interest in wanting to know the reason as to why she creates what she does; all of which looks to be from a personal experience or fantasy of the mind, that she wishes to incorporate and fill into other peoples space. She does this with ease, and dresses the area with thought. Following the lines of the architecture and playing into the area of the space which surrounds her pieces and installations, she/her works become an extension of what already exists but yet is a prominent, unmissable feature also.

Take a look online at some of her installations, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with anything further she does.

Flower x

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