ART & DESIGN: Kensington, London to play home in the reopening of the DESIGN MUSEUM this November 24th

the DESIGN MUSEUM in London reopens in Kensington, this Winter 2016.


It seems to be an exciting month in London for the creative world, with the reopening of the DESIGN MUSEUM (November 24th). Featuring a variety of mediums and multidisciplinary art forms in it’s first opening exhibition at the new location in Kensington High Street entitled; “Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World”, it will give it’s visitors the chance to experience eleven new installations by some of the most innovative designers and architects the world currently has to offer to form the display regarding this intriguing and ongoing subject.

The newly commissioned exhibit will look deep in to some of the issue’s we face in society today that ultimately inspire two of our deepest and most often expressed emotions, that being; Fear and Love. With thought-provoking installations that touch on a number of select topics within the subject, and mediums from digital art to fashion design whilst exploring areas such as; ideas sparked by the recent Brexit Referendum to repressed emotions (that are then projected for the outside world to see) – it is surely one not to be missed.

It all looks incredibly exciting and is bound to be worth a visit, ticket and entry information can be found via the DESIGN MUSEUM website and it set to begin, on the reopening launch date of November 24th 2016 – April 23rd 2017.

~ Exhibition ticket prices
Adult £14 
Student/concession £10.50*
Family (1 adult + 3 children) £22
Family (2 adults + 3 children) £32
Child (6 – 15 years) £7
Children under 6 years free
Members free

10% discount is applied when booking 10 or more tickets online. Alternatively, please contact the Bookings Office (Mon – Fri 10;00 to 17:00) on +44 20 3862 5937 or +44 20 3862 5900.

Become a member for unlimited free entry to all exhibitions. Join now and you will receive an invitation to a special Member Preview on Sunday 20 November.

*Concession tickets include seniors (over 60 years) and job seekers.~

In addition, they have announced their new partnerships that have helped curate and create aspects of and participated within the new locations set up, interior layout and design, all the way down to publishing content for the new museum.

Phaidon one of the most known global publisher’s of books on art, will now be publishing catalogues on each of the museums exhibitions/installations, amongst releasing a publication of the new museum and it’s extensive history.

phaidon art publication design museum kensington london
Phaidon & DESIGN MUSEUM to Partner

They’ve also spoken on their partnership with both Swiss family-owned furniture production company Vitra whose pieces will be used within the building’s public spaces and Concord, critically renowned commercial and architectural spacial lighting design producers, who seems to have worked intimately with the museum to generate the space with lighting to suit the museums architectural needs and work to highlight the exhibiting walls.

vitro design furniture production swiss business design museum london kensington
Vitra Furniture Design & Production Items
concord lighting innovation architectural design kensington london museum
the DESIGN MUSEUM / Concord Architectural Lighting Design – Structural Architect John Pawson

As mentioned before, it will surely be worth the visit as it seems it’s aim is now to go beyond the museums old locations expectation, and is working to create a whole new dimension for the image of the DESIGN MUSEUM and its future in general.

Interestingly, the new location will also host it’s first-ever free exhibit area, showcasing a permanent display (about time we say) and an interesting Crowdsourced feature within the entrance that will display item’s under the idea of looking at; “The World’s Most Popular Affordable Consumer Goods”. You can check out how to participate in this interactive feature via their site here, and whilst doing so, you could be in with the chance to win 2x entry tickets to the opening night this November and also win a yearlong membership to the museum.

I’ll be sure to post a review if I manage to get on down there (definitely hoping I will!).

Flower x

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You can also pre-order Phaidon’s publication; the DESIGN MUSEUM’s Designer Maker User here starting at £14.95.

ART & DESIGN: Julie Zhuo on the Lessons of Good Design — via

Sparking wisdom…

A great piece about the idea of a “Good Design”…

My first design job was an internship on Microsoft OneNote. Our intrepid leader was the product founder Chris Pratley, who terrified me the way karaokeing Adele onstage while completely sober is terrifying. My goal that summer was for him to not think I was an idiot, and my strategy to achieve that was to try […]

via Julie Zhuo on the Lessons of Good Design —

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ART: 花chan Takes Over ETSY…

Wanting to purchase some art by Flower?

So, I’ve finally decided to create an Etsy Store…

I had been getting a few requests via Facebook as to where people can take orders for specific prints, and tbh I didn’t really have anywhere to send anyone. ‘Twas more or less just a custom order option… However, Etsy felt like the logical place to begin.

For those who don’t know, Etsy is a online company that is home to a thriving online marketplace of “craft” featuring jewellers, candlemakers, fashion designers, woodcutters and other artists from around the world. The website allows individuals to create their own shop, sell craft and items to consumers, customise their forum and develop relationships with other areas of expertise such as merchandising companies etc.

It is a fantastic place to begin a shop due to the easy managing and personalisation of your account and especially as those who search and shop on Etsy, use specific and distinctive search tags that enables them to view and search for items and craft they are actually interested in buying. Your images will come up on a feed of much related items and it allows the user to shop around and pick what’s right for them. You can tag, and label your items within the market place (like eBay and Amazon), although the presentation of the search feed decorates and presents craft as it needs to be rather than having your items being placed and missed because of a stagnant usually unrelated search feed of about 50+pages like other online store hosting sites.

Anyway, head over… Take a look… More to come…

Namaste – Flower

Visit – TheFlowerShopStudios


ART: Bowie/Collector – David Bowie’s Private Art Collection Goes For Auction

Sotheby’s is set to host a preview and auction for David Bowie’s private art collection in a number of locations over the coming months.

Renowned and global auctioneer art powerhouse, Sotheby’s, will be hosting auction to some of Bowie’s most intimate items from the art world he so very much loved and collected from. Known under many titles – pop icon, artist, actor and magazine editor (the list can go on), our beloved Bowie sadly passed away earlier this year… His artistry reigns on through his own personal works and music and no-one is letting us forget that just yet, as his own personal eclectic art collection is now being opened to the public eye for viewing and it’s collective auction rate is said to be worth millions.

You can take a sneak preview of some of the collection here – It all looks incredibly exciting! It shows us just how deep in to creativity he really was, how willing he was to be fully involved regardless of art medium, regardless of the price, it proves it was what he lived for. Mediums in design range from product and furniture design like sofa’s, to print based works, sculptures and items from world famous artists such as Damien Hirst and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Peter Shire "Big Sur" Sofa 1986 - Memphis Group Los Angeles David Bowie
Peter Shire “Big Sur” Sofa 1986 – Memphis Group

Ahead of the anticipated London auction event this November 2016, there will be a few selected dates over the next few months where the public can gain access to viewing. Entitled the Highlights Preview Tour it will be hosted in a few locations as follows;

London– July 20th-Aug 9th

Los Angeles– September 20th-21st

New York– September 26th-29th

Hong Kong– October 12th-15th

Three auctions will then run for three consecutive nights working around different mediums and genres of art and event times.

Stay tuned for updates.


Bowie/Collector Part I: Modern and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction 10 NOVEMBER 2016 | 7:00 PM GMT | LONDON

Bowie/Collector Part II: Modern and Contemporary Art, Day Auction 11 NOVEMBER 2016 | 11:00 AM GMT | LONDON

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ART: Lauryn花Cheney – UPDATE, LHR – Exhibitions #isthisyourcard ?

Flowers exhibitions – April 2016 UPDATE


As I previously announced, I’ll be exhibiting one piece for a series of exhibitions with the other LHR (Lauriston, Hanbury, Regent) exhibitor’s on April 21st.

However, the location has moved to The Regent venue in Islington, London.

Heres the address: The Regent, 201 Liverpool Road, Islington, N1 1LX London.

Exhibition starts at 6:00pm.

As mentioned in the first post regarding the exhibition, here is the Facebook page for LHR – Exhibitions, clicking “Like” will keep you updated on all other exhibitions curated by the team across the 3 venues.

You can keep on top of my work and movements via my personal Facebook page also: Lauryn花Cheney Collection

Flower x

ART: Lauryn花Cheney – Exhibition with the LHR team for #isthisyourcard ?

Flowers exhibitions – April 2016

Very happy to announce that I’ll be exhibiting one piece for a series of exhibitions with the other LHR (Lauriston, Hanbury, Regent) exhibitor’s on April 21st, at The Hanbury Arms, Hackney – East London.

This particular exhibition is Part 2 of 3, where 54 artists (across the 3 Part #isthisyourcard exhibitions) will collectively contribute their own artistic take on a card from the standard deck of playing cards.

Not going to disclose my card offer just yet, but you can either come along to see what card was distributed to me (to see my vision of it) and enjoy the gallery for yourselves, or hang-on-tight for my post update on the exhibition next week!

Here is the Facebook page for LHR – Exhibitions, clicking “Like” will keep you updated on all other exhibitions curated by the team across the 3 venues.

Flower x


ART: Wakako Kawakami – Japan’s Giant Textile Bird’s

Flowers Artist’s To Watch – Wakako Kawakami

Unfortunately, very late with this one…

However, I came across a post by Hi Fructose about an Osaka, Japan based artist named Wakako Kawakami – Post-Graduate from Musashino Art University. I knew nothing of this artist until seeing online a recent street installation she had done featuring giant textile parakeets located in places such as the Park Hotel Tokyo.

An interesting and innovative character it seems – the reason why I chose to share her designs and artworks with you. Something draws me to her, perhaps because she is unafraid of size/dimensions and due to my interest in wanting to know the reason as to why she creates what she does; all of which looks to be from a personal experience or fantasy of the mind, that she wishes to incorporate and fill into other peoples space. She does this with ease, and dresses the area with thought. Following the lines of the architecture and playing into the area of the space which surrounds her pieces and installations, she/her works become an extension of what already exists but yet is a prominent, unmissable feature also.

Take a look online at some of her installations, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with anything further she does.

Flower x

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