BLOG: Flower 花 ! Where Have You Been?

New movements…



I know guys, I’ve been missing! Well, it is to do with a number of things…

First thing’s first, I’ve planted myself back in the UK officially now, which means… New job & new home! (I miss Japan and will be returning soon – I’ll talk more about that another time).

It’s been a lot. Fun, sad, tiring, exciting – a mixture of emotions. However, it does mean that I’m back and working hard on some new projects & posts for you (and a YouTube channel – not ready just yet!)

I’ve been travelling, attending shows, visiting a lot of galleries, posting up at events but mainly been working on some new art and content for Phoenix Troy of Phoenix + The Flower Girl. My current digital spread on this site just isn’t cutting it. I’m not really a digital art type of girl – I do scan and edit for the sake of online exposure and digital prints but I’m really a hands on kind of artist. I love original feel and I guess that’s just me. So, as it goes I’ve decided to give you some more of my art (finally) and in the mean time work on my own regular exhibits to coincide with what I’m working on, for which I will be looking for other artists (one-off or long term commitment) to get involved… There will be some conditions for the main hub of what I’ll be doing, although I’m very much up for working with anyone in any medium or industry who’s up for some collaboration or projects (contact me via this page or Facebook).

I’ll be posting more information on the exhibits when it is available, however stay tuned for the usual!

Namaste – Flower

ART: Lauryn花Cheney – UPDATE, LHR – Exhibitions #isthisyourcard ?

Flowers exhibitions – April 2016 UPDATE


As I previously announced, I’ll be exhibiting one piece for a series of exhibitions with the other LHR (Lauriston, Hanbury, Regent) exhibitor’s on April 21st.

However, the location has moved to The Regent venue in Islington, London.

Heres the address: The Regent, 201 Liverpool Road, Islington, N1 1LX London.

Exhibition starts at 6:00pm.

As mentioned in the first post regarding the exhibition, here is the Facebook page for LHR – Exhibitions, clicking “Like” will keep you updated on all other exhibitions curated by the team across the 3 venues.

You can keep on top of my work and movements via my personal Facebook page also: Lauryn花Cheney Collection

Flower x

ART: Lauryn花Cheney – Exhibition with the LHR team for #isthisyourcard ?

Flowers exhibitions – April 2016

Very happy to announce that I’ll be exhibiting one piece for a series of exhibitions with the other LHR (Lauriston, Hanbury, Regent) exhibitor’s on April 21st, at The Hanbury Arms, Hackney – East London.

This particular exhibition is Part 2 of 3, where 54 artists (across the 3 Part #isthisyourcard exhibitions) will collectively contribute their own artistic take on a card from the standard deck of playing cards.

Not going to disclose my card offer just yet, but you can either come along to see what card was distributed to me (to see my vision of it) and enjoy the gallery for yourselves, or hang-on-tight for my post update on the exhibition next week!

Here is the Facebook page for LHR – Exhibitions, clicking “Like” will keep you updated on all other exhibitions curated by the team across the 3 venues.

Flower x


ART: Wakako Kawakami – Japan’s Giant Textile Bird’s

Flowers Artist’s To Watch – Wakako Kawakami

Unfortunately, very late with this one…

However, I came across a post by Hi Fructose about an Osaka, Japan based artist named Wakako Kawakami – Post-Graduate from Musashino Art University. I knew nothing of this artist until seeing online a recent street installation she had done featuring giant textile parakeets located in places such as the Park Hotel Tokyo.

An interesting and innovative character it seems – the reason why I chose to share her designs and artworks with you. Something draws me to her, perhaps because she is unafraid of size/dimensions and due to my interest in wanting to know the reason as to why she creates what she does; all of which looks to be from a personal experience or fantasy of the mind, that she wishes to incorporate and fill into other peoples space. She does this with ease, and dresses the area with thought. Following the lines of the architecture and playing into the area of the space which surrounds her pieces and installations, she/her works become an extension of what already exists but yet is a prominent, unmissable feature also.

Take a look online at some of her installations, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with anything further she does.

Flower x

  • I do not own the image or content from the link provided



ART: Updated Gallery – Lauryn花Cheney “Deco Girls” Project – Mochi

Come and visit my illustrative space – Flower.

black and white illustration fine line deco 30's art design
“Deco Girls” – Mochi

ART: Makers Base – Tokyo & Sapporo’s Artistic Workshop Heaven

Looking for something creative to do in Tokyo?

As they themselves say; “It fulfils the dream of making things”.

So, I recently came across the Makers Base website whilst looking for some artistic events etc. in Tokyo. It seems they host a wide variety of workshops in a fully equipped warehouse location, for creating personal art or projects in various mediums in the two areas of Tokyo & Sapporo.

The Makers Base literally offer any type of creative workshop you can imagine, for fun or educational purposes, allowing the individual to gain essential skills in areas such as metal welding, clutch bag design, all the way to making your own earrings. These skills can be used for personal use or to help the individual gain an insight to factors they may need to know for growing or developing a business.

You can join and become a member allowing you to get cheaper rates on all workshops on offer, or you can pay a slightly higher rate if your up for just trying one session at random. Fees seem to start from 2000 YEN up and are scheduled throughout the whole year.

Due to the website being translated from Japanese, I can’t seem to work out if there is actually an age limit in general for becoming a member or if your simply singing up to one of the workshops at random (it may be the case for certain workshops due to using dangerous or hot equipment), so if you are interested it may always be worth the check first, at the minimum age requirement.

Also, you may want to check what language the workshops are being conducted in. However, if your interested in the experience as a one off (say, if you were on a holiday), I’m sure you could still go along and be provided with support from the tutor or perhaps go with a friend who can speak Japanese that can help you too! Remember – Nothing should hold your artistic mind back.

All of the contact information is provided on the site and they also have other Social Media sites for you to follow and see whats been happening so you can stay up-to-date that way.

I haven’t yet tried any of the workshops myself, but I definitely feel this would be an amazing opportunity to experience if you are a creative in Tokyo (or Sapporo). Perhaps I’ll be giving something a go soon and I’ll most definitely be posting a review if I do!

Flower x

  • I do not own the image or content from the link provided

BLOG: Have you checked out Flower’s 花 external sites?

Think your website isn’t drawing enough attention? Consider these small things…

As an Illustrator & Artistic Director myself, a note for all is that it can be worth your while spreading your content across a range of Social Media sites, not just keeping it in one place! This is not only to get the best and maximum coverage for your designs, projects etc. But, to present your work to consumers in different ways – formatting, sizing, images, text or no text…

Some folks (designers or consumers) have really no interest in platforms such as Pinterest or Tumblr for example. However, you can use your tools and brand to change that perspective and way of thinking. For instance, instead of trying to sell all your work on a Facebook community, just because your comfortable with presenting your work that way and making posts on that platform, why not consider writing a blog post about it on WordPress, making an Etsy to get direct sales, having a Gallery on Instagram and Tumblr for which you provide links to all, where and when you can, obviously having a main hub to feature it all professionally (such as your personal website).

I know, it can feel like a lot of work, but not only will you reach a wider audience – as mentioned (as some people really couldn’t care less for what posts appear on their Facebook feeds or what is lurking on their Instagram “discover” page) but it will also allow you to make good use of presenting what your doing, in the best way possible. I must admit, something like Pinterest isn’t exactly the greatest at showing off a pretty gallery, but it’s awesome for marketing, promotion and for people who are looking for ideas! This way you can post your content up and provide links to the necessary places to draw people back in to the source (such as your website)!

Anywho, the reason for this post is just for that – to show and list all of my Social Media platforms for you to check out under; Lauryn花Cheney. There you can see where I present my work, and the different views and effects it gives.

Happy Viewing!







Lauryn花Cheney Gallery


Flower x